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Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) were originally created to be work (utility) vehicles, not passenger vehicles; however, they have become a popular family car. Today SUVs have the highest rate of deaths occurring from a rollover. SUVs are nearly three times as likely than the average passenger car to roll over.

"According to a 2005 National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (NHTSA) Report – every year about 10,000 rollover fatalities occur."

SUVs are not only dangerous for the occupants of the vehicle but also for the other motorists and passengers in two-vehicle crashes. SUVs are dangerous because:

  • They have a high center of gravity and narrow track width that make them the most unstable vehicles on the road.
  • Very few SUVs meet the NHTSA roof safety standards (roof crush) for automobiles.
  • The high bumper, stiff frame and steel-panel construction of the SUV can override crash protections.
  • Loading of the vehicle, which is encouraged in SUVs by the large cargo areas, raises the center of gravity of the vehicle, making it more dangerous and hard to control.
  • Manufacturers designed SUV’s as off-road vehicles and even though they anticipated that SUVs would be used as a family car, very few are equipped with roll bars or other safety equipment that would protect the vehicle’s occupants in a rollover.
  • Research has shown that passengers may be ejected in a rollover despite the use of safety belts due to “inertial unlatching” during the roll.

SUV rollovers cause serious catastrophic injuries and death. Ejections account for 63 percent of all fatalities in rollover crashes and often result in costly and debilitating head injuries. Head trauma is the most frequent type of fatal and nonfatal injury in rollovers.

Situations when rollovers occur:
* When taking emergency actions or evasive maneuvers (swerving) to avoid things in the road

  • When a tire blows out
  • In a head-on collision
  • When a driver who has lost control and has run off the road attempts to swerve back on
  • Any time a driver is forced to rapidly steer in the opposite direction

Manufacturers have known for decades about the tendency of SUVs to roll over and the damages that occur to innocent consumers; yet have done little to make these vehicles safer. Many manufacturers have settled thousands of lawsuits brought by motorists or their families who have been horribly injured or died in rollover crashes; all the while imposing gag orders (confidentiality agreements) to hide the documents that show of this knowledge.

Ricci was also co-counsel in the National Ford Explorer/Firestone Tires class action lawsuit, where he vigorously pursued economic protection of owners of Ford Explorer and Firestone.

Attorney Edward M. Ricci has taken on some of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the country for rollover, crashworthiness and auto safety issues. We have the experience and resources to effectively handle litigation against the manufacturers of SUVs and all moving vehicles. See case examples to learn more. Our law firm aggressively pursues justice in SUV rollovers and auto product liability cases throughout Florida and the United States. Our firm seeks compensation for the victims and their families, and helps provide for their future needs and wellbeing.

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