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Lawn Tractor SafetyFor some, mowing the lawn on a hot summer day is an American pastime, for others, it is a dreaded task, and for many others, it is their full-time, year-round job at condominium developments, golf courses and parks. New riding lawn tractor and riding mower machinery with its immense power, speed, and lack of safety features increase the likelihood of someone being injured or killed while using lawn equipment.

Zero-Turn Radius (ZTR) Mowers
A zero-turn radius (ZTR) rotary riding lawn mower is a type of riding mower that steers using the rear wheels and is far removed from the traditional front-wheel-steering tractor design mowers. Manufacturers tout speed, maneuverability and reduced mowing time; however, safety advocate studies show that ZRT benefits are prone to rollbacks, rollovers causing serious injuries and even death (asphyxiation, drowning, etc.), especially on or near slops or embankments due to the mowers poor center of gravity.

Since 1976, 5000 workers have died in rollover accidents on riding lawn mowers, riding lawn tractors and zero-turn radius mowers that didn't have Rollover Protection Systems (ROPS). Are you protected? 

Roll-over Protective Structures (ROPs)
Roll-over Protective Structures (ROPs) consist of either a cab or frame / bars that provide a safe zone for the tractor / mower operator in a rollover. When both ROPS and seat belts are used, it is estimated to be 99 percent effective in preventing death or serious injury in an overturn. Of the 4.8 million tractors in the U.S., more than half are not retrofitted with ROPS and other safety features. Is your riding lawn mower or tractor retrofitted?

Did you know...Manufacturers of riding tractors (“mowers”) have known for more than 30 years that without Roll-over Protection Structure (ROPS), it is virtually impossible to save the life of the operator if the riding lawn mower or riding lawn tractor flips over, especially when the mower rolls over into water?

Edward M. Ricci, P.A. litigates riding mower and tractor rollover cases throughout Florida and the U.S. We have the experience and resources to effectively seek justice for the families who so desperately need it – many of these who are killed provided the main source of income for their families. Workers’ Compensation alone will not provide for the future well-being of the family members.

Every liability claim that Edward M. Ricci, P.A. has handled, we have won multi-million dollar settlements against the manufacturers for failing to make Rollover Protection Structures (ROPS) and restraints standard equipment. We have also won the right to sue for punitive damages in every case we have handled.

To learn more about riding lawn tractor & riding lawn mower accident cases, or to receive a complimentary review of a potential case, please contact our law firm online or call us at 561-748-8000. We are happy to answer your questions about Rollover Protective structures (ROPS),  Zero-Turn Radius mowers (ZRTs) and drowning death cases.

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