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Insurance Coverage Disputes & Bad Faith

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Cemetery Desecrations

When a loved one has been buried in the wrong cemetery
plot or their grave has been desecrated.

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When injury or death occurs due to another party's
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Highway Design and Road Construction Attorney

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Highway Design

Around Florida and across the country, people (drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, bicyclists) are injured or even killed in motor vehicle crashes due to poor or substandard highway design and engineering. Also, road construction can cause a crash. These causes typically are not immediately apparent and knowledgeable investigative experts must be called in.

Highway and roadway defects and design flaws can include:

  • Lack of (or insufficient) notification (signage) of an impending condition such as a construction zone ahead or vehicles merging
  • Defective traffic signals and lights
  • Defective or poorly visible signs, landscaping
  • Inadequate or insufficient notification of how a road is affected by certain weather conditions (for ex., freezing or drainage)
  • Reduction of shoulder or shoulder drop-off
  • Hidden or unavoidable hazards such as dips, bumps, ridges, large cracks, etc.
  • Lack of posted warnings for drivers about unusual conditions or substandard sections of the road
  • Lack of or insufficient markings for highway division, line striping and edge lines
  • Inadequate barriers or guard rails
  • Excessive gravel, oil, or tar left on the road after maintenance procedures
  • Potholes or lack of maintenance
  • Inadequate lighting, poorly lit streets

In addition to these defects, construction equipment, vehicles and signage can sometimes create a dangerous condition on the roadway.

Under the U.S. government’s policy of ‘highway forgiveness’, all roads and interstate highways are supposed to be designed, constructed and maintained in a manner that is safe for drivers. Yet sometimes, this does not occur, and accidents result. The law firm of

Edward M. Ricci, P.A. is experienced and well equipped to take on the entities responsible for highway design flaws or engineering defects, including contractors, construction and engineering companies, government bodies, and other businesses. See case examples on this site.

To learn more about highway design or road construction cases or to receive a complimentary review of any potential case you have, please contact our law firm online or call us at 561-748-8000. We are happy to answer your questions about any highway design or auto accident case.

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