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BREAKING NEWS - Jeep Grand Cherokee Fuel Tank Defect Petition

Advocates push New Chrysler to accept responsibility for product liability loses involving defective fuel tanks prior to their bankruptcy.

Drivers and passengers in motor vehicles across America are being seriously injured or dying needlessly due to the misconduct and neglectful actions of auto manufacturers. Poorly designed, improperly installed, or otherwise defective fuel systems can fail when their integrity is compromised in a crash. Sometimes even minor auto accidents lead to fuel fed fires that cause serious injury and even death.

Consumer Justice Attorney Edward M. Ricci and his law firm consider it an outrage that auto manufacturers tolerate fuel tanks and fuel systems that they know are substandard or defective, with complete disregard for the safety of the American public. Fuel fed fires are extremely dangerous but manufactures seem unwilling to spend as little as a few cents per vehicle to install safety features to prevent these fires. Unfortunately, many of these dangerous vehicles (estimated 100 million) are still on the road.

Fuel systems can fail and ignite due to several potential factors:

  • Poor Fuel Tank Materials & Design – the tank is made of metal that is not strong enough to resist puncture or cracking (inferior, substandard materials and parts are used)
  • Fuel Tank Placement – the gas tank is placed in an area where it can be punctured or cracked by another protruding part (sidesaddle gas tanks)
  • Unprotected / Overexposed Fuel Tanks – the tank is placed in an area where it is easily exposed to road hazards or being hit by parts of the other vehicle in an accident
  • Improper / Defective Welds on the fuel tank
  • Improper Construction or Placement of Fuel Lines that are easily broken, causing fuel leaks
  • Defective Fuel Pumps
  • Filler Cap Neck Separation used to prevent or block the discharge of liquid fuel or fuel vapors fail (snagged, pulled away from, torn off, too short or rigid) or do not exist
  • Lack of Anti-Siphoning Device to prevent continued gas flow after a collision

Unfortunately, these unsafe fuel systems are unable to withstand a reasonable rear impact without the risk of catastrophic fire. Both the auto industry and the government have been reluctant to raise the safety standards for fuel tanks and systems, and have not made fuel system integrity a priority.

Attorney Edward M. Ricci has substantial experience and resources to effectively handle litigation against the automotive industry. Attorney Edward M. Ricci has taken on some of the largest vehicle manufacturers in the country for fuel system defects, crashworthiness and auto safety issues. You can review notable cases to learn more. He has also co-authored an article, “The Long Road to Automotive Safety.”

To learn more about fuel system defects and defective auto product cases or to receive a complimentary review of any potential case you have, please contact our law firm online or call us at 561-748-8000. We are happy to answer your questions about any case involving crashworthiness, fuel fed fires or fuel system failure. 

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