Consumer Class Actions

Confronting fraudulent practices and protecting consumers rights.

Insurance Coverage Disputes & Bad Faith

When an insuance company fails to fulfill its obligations
to the insured, they need to be held accountable.

Cemetery Desecrations

When a loved one has been buried in the wrong cemetery
plot or their grave has been desecrated.

Auto & Truck Accidents

When injury or death occurs due to another party's
negligence, misconduct or inaction, it is an outrage.

Crashworthiness - Air Bag, Fuel System, SUV Rollovers, Seatbelt, Seatback & Tire Defects

Represents individuals and attorneys in Florida and throughout the U.S.

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When Ed started practicing law in Florida in 1974, his very first case was Wallace v. General Motors. Steven Wallace, a second-year dental student at Georgetown University was killed on the 11th day of his honeymoon when he was involved in a head-on collision with a drunk driver in the Florida Keys. The hood of the GM passenger car came through the windshield and decapitated Steven. His wife, un-seat belted, walked away from the accident. Because he attended Georgetown University, Ed's firm asked him to prosecute the case. It was the beginning of a four-decade career in crashworthiness area of law which Ed is passionate and has extensive experience. Below, Ed explains crashworthiness:

Throughout our country, thousands of auto, truck and motor vehicle accidents happen every day where drivers and passengers are seriously injured or killed needlessly. Some auto manufacturers knowingly endanger consumers by putting defective products on the market for profits. In some cases a part costing as little as $5 or $10 more per vehicle would have corrected the defect.

Consumer Justice Attorney Edward M. Ricci believes consumers need to be protected and vehicle manufacturers need to be held accountable.

Crashworthiness focuses on the automobile’s safety and stability features and their ability to prevent injuries to the vehicle occupants in the event of a collision. Crashworthiness deals primarily with the 'second collision' or “enhanced injury” in which the driver and passengers collide against the interior of the vehicle. The cause of the accident is usually considered irrelevant in crashworthiness cases.

Crashworthiness cases typically involve manufacturing defects, design defects or the manufacturer’s failure to warn consumers of known dangers with the vehicle.

Here are some of the Crashworthiness cases we have successfully litigated:

Our law firm has the experience and resources to effectively handle litigation against the manufacturers of cars, trucks, SUVs, and all moving vehicles. See case examples to learn more. Ed Ricci has also co-authored the article “The Minority Gets it Right.” The firm has assembled attorneys, researchers and technical assistants experienced in automotive design and engineering issues, and the firm collects and maintains an extensive library of government and industry data on automotive defects.

Attorney Edward M. Ricci has prosecuted multimillion-dollar claims against the worlds largest automotive and tire manufacturers for defective fuel systems, seat belts, seat backs, stability and handling failures and defective tires. Ricci often serves as lead counsel or co-counsel on crashworthiness and auto product liability cases throughout Florida and the United States.

To learn more about crashworthiness cases or to receive a complimentary review of any potential case, please contact our law firm online or call us at 561-748-8000. We are happy to answer your questions about any injury or death involving any motor vehicle, or any aspect of a personal injury case.

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For more than four decades, Edward M. Ricci has specialized in civil trial law. He pursues justice for victims in the areas of consumer class actions, auto accidents, personal injury and wrongful deaths, cemetery desecrations, insurance litigation and consumer claims. The firm serves consumers throughout Florida and the United States.