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It’s an unfortunate truth that across the country, people are injured or even killed in motor vehicle crashes due to a problem with their vehicle’s airbags. What is considered a safety feature can sometimes cause serious harm or death, and consumers need to be aware of this hazard. Consumer Justice Attorney Edward M. Ricci has a long history of litigating cases involving failed or defective airbags.

Airbags cause injury in several ways:

  • The airbag fails to deploy. The failure of the air bag to deploy can be caused by defective sensors or improper placement of the sensors.
  • Over-aggressive airbags that deploy with excessive force (at speeds as high as 200 mph or more) and come too far into the occupant’s space.
  • Unexpected, unnecessary deployment of airbags due to system malfunctions (electrical systems or sensors). The airbag deploys when the driver hits a curb, a pothole or even by putting the key in the ignition. There have been numerous reports and recalls for system malfunctions.
  • Some airbags are oversized or untethered and come too close to the occupant at deployment. Tethers are simple cloth straps sewn into the fabric on the inside of the bag to limit the movement of the air bag during inflation.
  • Dangerous mounting of airbags (front-mounted horizontally deploying) cause injury when airbags inflate directly toward the occupant. Dashboard mounted airbags that project upward as they inflate are more safe.
  • Inadequate warnings – Warnings should be visible and explain to people that a deploying airbag can be very dangerous, especially to children and small-stature women.
  • Vehicles lack airbags. There are many cars that come off the assembly line that still do not have airbags located in all of the areas of the car to provide full occupant protection. There are thousands of automobiles on Florida roads today with no airbag systems.

When these various types of airbag failure occur, the potential results include serious internal injuries, head trauma and brain damage, blindness, broken necks, and in some cases, decapitation. Women of small stature and children under 16 are especially at risk.

Drivers don’t have the chance to test the airbags in their vehicle until the airbag’s functionality becomes a matter of life or death. Unfortunately, as the need for airbags has increased, the overall quality has decreased and this is seen in the sharp increase of recalls by manufacturers.

Litigation of airbag cases helps to push our lawmakers and the automotive industry to increase and improve safety standards. The law firm of Edward M. Ricci, P.A. seeks to hold car and truck manufacturers accountable for producing vehicles with defective, dangerous airbags. We have taken on some of the largest auto manufacturers, and have the experience and resources to effectively handle this litigation. See case examples to learn more.

To learn more about defective airbag cases or to receive a complimentary review of any potential case you have, please contact our law firm online or call us at 561-748-8000. We are happy to answer your questions about air bags or any auto product liability case.

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